SQ at Viper Room-Sunset Strip

Back from LA-LALand,did the Viper Rm.!!!

It’s a good thing I fly Screaming Baby Airlines….otherwise I would’ve like, slept and missed the whole experience….People drive in LA like they are on a murder-suicide pact-with YOU! Turn signals? “Why bother?” Yellow Lights? “Get outta my way!!” However! Even tho’ I got my car towed (can’t park in the hills of the Sunset Strip- like at all, like we’re not even gonna give ya a ticket, we just take your car-STAT!! ) the weather was fabulous, the scenery amazing, found a French bistro on La Cienega (Provedance) with such epic raisin rolls I returned the next day- and the charming Frenchie owner who helped me get semi-unlost…and gotta love the beaches -OMG, the water is WARM!!! Thanks much to Donovan at HollowBodyLA (HollowbodyLA.com)for the opportunity!

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