Hello my friends! Hey thanks a million for swinging by my page- I just released my new CD "Little Wildernesses", recorded with Jonathan Plum at the historic London Bridge Studios (Pearl Jam,Soundgarden,Brandi Carlile) and I couldn't be more psyched to finally be releasing these songs that have been my confidantes,releases and saviors in the years since my last project. These songs reflect  the arc of time and our relationships to ourselves,others, time and who we really are here to be.

I'm honored to have the talents of Northwest AllStar artists like Kris Orlowski,Jen Ayers,Kristy Smith and Heather Thomas on drums on this album, as well as the loons who live on Lake Quinault (Lake Song)!

To check out my new songs, simply go to the right,click on the "Listen" tab~ And I'd love to hear what you think! Please do leave a comment here or swing by Facebook at www.facebook.com/suequigleymusic. I'd love to have you follow me on Spotify as well, ( cuz I'm modern and fancy like that~)

To buy the cd- click on the "Music" tab above!~~

10/1/17~ Get ready for a feast of quirky awesomeness on Oct.30 at Substation in Wallingford when I open for my friends Champagne Sunday! (www.champagnesunday.com) Also featuring national touring artist Brock Zeman! Starts at 8:00!