Outside In

by Sue Quigley

Released 2006
Released 2006
"The unapologetic vocals and evocative lyrics represent the halfway house between SoCal pop and Texan alt-rock." Matthew Hirtes, UK MUsic Shopper "Sue packs a temperamental punch with her vocal clarity and the lyrics are beautifully phrased "-GoGirls Mus
Sue Quigley has a magnificent voice. Her warm, full-bodied alto is reminiscent of early Melissa Etheridge, Susan Tedeshi and Bonnie Raitt and, like those artists, she's also an accomplished guitar player. Sue started playing guitar after her teenaged sister abandoned it for other pursuits (read: boys). Influences include Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, REM, Concrete Blonde, and Lucinda Williams. A guitar playing camp counselor sealed the deal and Sue was hooked, writing songs in her spare time from age 13 on. When asked about the songwriting process, Sue shares that "Driving is huge because it's mindless. I'll play around with a melody and then I call myself and leave it on the voice mail." Judging from the depth and quality of the poignant lyrics and catchy melodies, Sue does a lot of driving. "If I show my naked heart, does it do something for you? Does it make you feel important? Give you something to do today?". Those lines, from the first track entitled 'Naked Heart'-on her first EP-are indicative of Sue's style of writing and really strike a chord (pun intended) in the listener. "What made the ship go down? Well it just went down, without a trace, like the last I saw of love on your face." Those lines, from "Without A Trace", featured on the new full-length release “Outside In”, illustrates the depth of Sue's voice. The resonance and honesty in her singing makes the soul-glimpsing lyrics even more touching and confirm her claim that "being a musician on a relatively regular basis has made me the closest I have ever been to truly happy".

While practicing on the deck of her new Seattle area house a few years ago, Sue met neighbor John Mills, who, serendipitously, is a bass player. As Sue tells it, "I was playing guitar and this guy (John Mills) across the fence started chatting with me. He said he played bass so we started getting together every so often to play. I finally decided to start my own band with my name on it and we were off like a prom dress” Currently, The Sue Quigley Band consists of Anthony Monaco on bass and backing vocals, Roy Adler on drums and David Wall on electric guitar and Sue on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. Either this group practices a whole lot or the synergy is there because they're tight, talented and offer a complete sound, something seriously lacking in much music today. “
A school counselor by day, Sue and the band make the rounds at local venues, including the Skylark, Nectar, Paragon Bar, ToSt, Conor Byrnes, and this summer were featured in the Bite Of Seattle’s Main stage, FremontFair, PRIDE Festival, as well as Rockrgrl and ChickSingerNight in New York City ( earlier in the year. Somehow, I believe that a woman of her musical ability and personal strength (Sue was once a member of the Hotshot Fire Crew fighting forest fires), will make this dream happen. The six song EP "Sue Quigley Band " is available at Silver Platters and (soon) Easy Street Records, on Sue's website ( and on

Kristin Hubbard, Vigilance Music