Last Stand of the Angry White man

Sue Quigley
Sue Quigley


All your bluster, all your blame, now it's you who says they've rigged the game

all of your brokeness was wrought by your claim that you knew best, as has always been-

The blood from on-line battle is the only way you know your worth

Now you look around at all that you've put down

the darker skin, the feminie

have a taller shadow leaning in

to what they built and brought from another land, you could never have a hand in

it's the last stand of the angry white man...

Evrything that you don't own, makes your anger and arrogance grow

that girl you didn't get in high school, she's now the c-word to you

 that job some immigrant took away from you...

 Yeah it's all their fault and you'll show them all, meanwhile the other shadow grows taller

and this world you're living in just grows smaller-

it's the last stand of the angry white man

God help your better angels come to you soon

, cuz don't you know your deal with the devil will hurt even you...