Little Wildernesses- words and music by Sue Quigley c)QuigchikPublishing 2017

Smoke from a signal fire

light it up and watch it die

all the ways we try and try to figure out who's in this skin...

well the wind blows the ash around

of what I wrote and what I thought I found

that you meant  to me just another story being played out

fro our earliest stage

the script stays on the same page...

Until we heal and gain some ground and make it through

all these little wildernesses inside- turning us around... to who we are

and who we tried to be

 only to see in the sun's eyes

finally we're apprised

of the path towards the inside spark

the light that eats up the dark

This forest but for these trees

this same old role in a familiar scene

in our very bones

we don't know what we don't know...

The stars above won't show you how to make it through- you just gotta stand in your truth

The stars above didn't sow me how to make it through- I just stand here in my truth...

and love me enough to release you...

well the wind blows the ash around

of what I wrote and what I thought I found....


 Words and music by Sue Quigley- C)2017 QuigchikMusic

When we were outlaws, and beyond the pale

When the writing on the wall was for our eyes only…on the trail , seeking holy…

Holy reverence- among the older ones

Who shined a light and framed it just right

To stop feeling like

A creature who can only can come out at night….

 Then you had to know a code, a song a dance, a knowing glance that let you in-across the border away from them….

Always them, in majority, trapped in conformity

And was this the way

Who could really say?

But there you stood

In yer boots and Vuarnets

Daring just one of them to say-anything


And you’d have bet ‘em to the ground

Yes you had to march yes you said aloud, everything we were taught to keep pushed down

When we were Outlaws….when we were outlaws (repeat)

Back then she said, it’s not what I’d want for you

You should see someone

It’s not t normal you know-you’ll always be alone….always be alone

But your eyes met mie,silently said it’s alright and I could see your strength take it all away

You were so proud, I could tell you lived out loud- you lived out loud

And you’d have beat ‘em to the ground

Yes we had to march, yes we said aloud

Everything we were taught to keep pushed down

When we were outlaws...

Catch or Fall                                          

Words and music by Sue Quigley- Copyright 2017 QuigchikMusic on ALL words and music


Coffee-stained paper, full of empty white…

Mountains cap the waves below them, in the midday light…like they’re  waiting for something…

Coming back from somewhere,going just to here,

Time you stop and contemplate, cuz it’s whispering in your ear-are you waiting for something?

Why ask why-the key is in the dreaming…and coming true or not however fleeting-after all-it’s yours to catch or fall…cuz you don’t have all the time in the world…


Looking down on our shadow, small upon the sea…like a ghost of someone still chasing their life so desperately-

I wonder, is the hard-wiring still so intact? To make the place for the needle to attach- there’s finally no mask to remove-I’m through looking over my shoulder for the next great truth-

Why ask why, the key is in the dreaming.,etc.,

Constant as the waves, true as the stars, time has come to ne-exactly where we are-

And I’m not waiting for nothin’, I’m not waiting for no one...



words and music by Sue Quigley


All of the oxygen

Is heading for the exits…

What door is yours? What door is mine?...

Who knows where this leads and why?...

She grabs the controls,… and heads right for the ground-…she’s up and down the paper-colored sky…

Coming to consciousness…

Nothing’s what you ordered and that’s why…

Nothing looks the same,.. from this high a place ever again…

What used to be so easy on your own, now you find yourself doubting  these four walls…

Now it’s too high, to jump from here,..

 she’s putting on her mask first

Cuz it’s up to her, to breathe in the blue

Of who she is up here…

Nothing looks the same-from this high a place ever again-…

Well it used to be so easy on my own- now I find myself doubting my own 4 walls…

Now it’s  too high to jump from here

I’m putting on my mask first-cuz it’s up to me to breathe in the blue

Of who I am up here- who I am up here…

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