Here’s what Wail magazine has to say about my most recent album:

Lifted spirits and calming melodies surround a feeling of inner strength and the search for your own truth in the introspective and philosophical nature of Sue Quigley's latest album. The musical journey embarks with the title track, "Little Wildernesses" which paints a reflective and tranquil environment. There is a standstill and earthy, element to the song that draws you to your roots. "Oxygen" is an upbeat folk song about self-identity, growing as an individual, making hard decisions and letting go. The first half of the album has a warm feel, almost in a content reminiscence of struggles overcome. Sue shows another side in the eerie, somber tones of "Birds." This track has an alluring, darker feel to it, in its spooky, soft atmosphere. With an old western desert feel, "Outlaws" rings out like a taunting mirage in the distance. The song expresses a feeling of alienation and societal oppression. "Lake Song" cascades on your ears with a spacey, nocturnal feeling like an out of body experience. Concluding the album, "Long Run" looks back on what it all means in acceptance in a melodic atmosphere as safe and secure as home. The exploration of, 'Little Wildernesses' is moving, open-minded and purposeful, full of haunting melodies that will linger in your mind."
J. Wesley - WAIL

 Hey! Thanks for swinging by~ I'm quite psyched about my new album -"Little Wildernesses" recorded at the historic London Bridge studio in Seattle, featuring some NorthWest All Stars such as Kris Orlowski,Heather Thomas( Mary Lambert), Jen Ayers (HoneyTongue,TeatroZinzanni) and more!  For upcoming shows,check the calendar tab, to follow me on Spotify and FB,check out the tab to the right on the music page- OR buy the cd- click on the "Music" tab above!~

  Thanks to KBCS FM's Morning Blend host Judy Lindsey for her review of my latest album :Little Wildernesses" :


"Sue Quigley's latest release, "Little Wildernesses" resonates with the sounds of the Pacific Northwest. The intimacy of the recording (produced by Sue with Jonathan Plum at London Bridge) conjures up an evening spent round the campfire in some primal forest in the North Cascades. The honesty of the vocals, and the clarity of the songwriting seem to awaken our sense of what is real, who we are, and how we are connected to one another. I found myself inhabiting these songs for days after initially hearing the record. In a world of endless streaming data and information overload, this beautiful collection of songs evokes a longing  for nature. With some of Seattle's musical stalwarts guesting (Heather Thomas on drums and backing vocals, Kris Orlowski on vocals, amongst others) Sue Quigley has crafted a record of truth and grace. Recommended. Standout tracks: 'Little Wildernesses', 'Outlaws' ~ Judy Lindsay host 91.3 FM KBCS The Morning Blend

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